Reality Girls Scissors - The Celestial Headcissor Machine [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

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Description: Celestial picked a good model name -- both noun and verb -- as one of the prettiest girls in wrestling is one of the coolest; and if there's a heaven she'll get there. Billie was not near heaven in her rear naked choke at the outset of action as the usual pain cushion tapped fast, and soon was in a flying headscissors tapping and moaning as Celestial quickly establishes herself over him with skill and some of the hottest legs anywhere. There are scarce types of perfect legs; and she has one of the types. Her dark brown hair in a bun, the beautiful girl makes Billie tap and shake in horrifying calf/ankle cranks, quickly moving to straight headscissors, the creative and flexible girl taps him in grabbing both feet in a jaw-dropping move for its athleticism and for its dominance. One of the greatest reverse headscissors anywhere is followed by her laughter and Billie needs a break. Billie needing a break is rare. Rreturning, Celestial takes her scrunchie out letting her wavy hair fall -- as she makes him tap. She pours on a throatscissors -- and another -- and another -- jumps into a reverse headscissors and drops jaws as she smiles and is running Billie over physically. He throws up in his throat in her rear naked choke -- and in seconds she makes him shake in her reverse headscissors. She's a fucking machine -- throatscissors she barley lets him tap in before they are back, and it is wild and clear she is in complete control with Billie locked in her eyes so perfectly spaced apart. She throatsits Billie, turns him over and compels a noise from him so odd she busts out laughing to his combination of a croak and a yodel while she's pouring on a perfect front headscissors and submitting him -- again. Billie needs another break and when, on their return, she has him mumbling in her elite throatscissors it seems he might not get through action. But he makes it, the hot girl fucking him up in more throatscissors -- looking at him like a science project as he hiccups or something, then choking him in a pelvis choke that she rolls into a perfect front headscissors. Celestial is clearly a star already, and one of the most naturally talented girls at applying headscissors in 12 years of Reality. Her form, how deeply she applies the hold, the use of her inner thighs to control and damage her opponent -- there is no headscissor fan who will now see her and forget her. Billie is fucked up and nauseated by the college beauty whose combination of beauty, power and sweetness makes her a joy to know and a horror to wrestle.
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