Reality Girls Scissors - Wrecking Dani'S Return [FullHD 1080P]

Categories: Fetish / New Porn

Description: An instant classic as Dani, one of the greatest subs ever meets emerging superstar Celestial, whose eye-popping submission beating of the tiny squeeze addict is impossible to look away from. Dani as she does makes Celestial mad, intentionally antagonizing her so she will be meaner and she is. She has her gagging in rear naked chokes then puts her at her feet and into her feared standing headscissors that seem to change the shape of Dani's skull. Reverse standing headscissors hurt her as Dani takes in the power for long stretches, her eyes glazing as Celestial's big quads flex and squeeze. Celestial lors over the small adorable girl, her feet crossed, pouring the power on the struggling girl's jaw, face and head and necessitating a break. Celestial draws her up therafter in her rear naked choke as Dani wriggles beneath her, gags and coughs from the powerful hold. Celestial orders her "Get down" and gloats about looking at the view outside as she hurts Dani in aggressive standing headscissors that raise admiration for the strength of Dani's jaw and the brutality of her tormentor's legs. Celestial goes up on her palms powering on straight headscissors -- holding Dani's arms as her quads flex with cartoon flair. Punishing straight headscissors own Dani -- a cruel figure-four headscissors. Incredible straight headscissors look ready to pop Dani's head off -- a combination bodyscissors/RNC hurts her as Celestial is inspired by aggression making her flail and tap -- pulling her eyes up at her and making her ill in a rear naked behind her on the balls of her feet as Dani turns part rag doll looking up at the athletic mean girl who finishes our longtime friend wild-eyed and panicked in her arms.
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