Reality Girls Scissors - The Power Of Beauty [FullHD 1080P]

Categories: Fetish / New Porn

Description: Celestial puts Charles beneath her in a chair, stands behind him and barks at him, her eyes wild as his are in fear with her rear naked choke controlling him. The stunningly beautiful girl lays him across an ottoman, his head hanging off and puts him in her infamous standing headscissors, which look to cave his skull nearly in as he screams in th-- showing off the power of the holde vicious hold. Her ass flexing -- angry rear naked chokes -- straight headscissors, figure-four headscissors and a brutal armbar punish the Sub Guy. Celestial is a wonder of beauty and muscle owning him, looking down in his eyes coldly as her world-class scissors have him flailing and tapping before she puts her hair back and draws him up in her RNC again.
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