Reality Girls Scissors - Cruel Kaia [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Categories: Fetish / New Porn

Description: One simple look on Kaia Callous' face here as she locks out her straight headscissors is addicting for a lover of great beauty. She pours the power on her straight HS powered by years in Cheer and competitive gymnastics, the power of which has Kaia mocking him "Oh, he's crying already as she seems to inspire another language from him as she looks down and confirms it's because she's strong. No one who's watched her wrestle or seen the tears and pain spilling from her subs doubts her over-the-top-strength as she celebrates Billie's neck fitting perfectly in the crick of her elbow, drops him, orders him "on your hands and knees" and locks his jaw in her standing headscissors, looking coldly at the camera as it freezes. Billie falls into her straight headscissors -- continuing his seemingly indefatigable mission to endure wretched pain from hot girls. Long straight headscissors -- she twists it suddenly as Opal Rae did Skyler and helped fuck up her life. Opal Rae might never be allowed to use her legs against anyone again. Japanese figure-fours repeatedly hurt Billie here -- a perfect reverse headscissors has him gurgling, looking back at him in replete satisfaction. Kaia Callous loves hurting people and throws a power extra into the hold that makes him head jump and shake in the air. Kaia follows with three side throatscissors that should be studied someday then hurts Billie's neck, jerking it inhumanly as he throws up in his mouth and falls shaking. She asks if he needs a break. He mumbles "no" -- making Kaia happy and others wonder from where his pain threshold must come. Repeated hamstring chokes have him jerking and sounding like a busted tire hose. Kaia tells him as he whimpers and cries in her straight headscissors that he's making it a really good time for her because of how much she loves playing and wrestling. Others might call it worse as Kaia hurts him in another of her signatures the cruel side headscissors thrown from a straight HS position -- into her calf choke -- tears spilling still. Billie is getting fucked up; he's crying;he's purple and he is is the headscissors of one of the more sadistic girls anywhere. Her reverse headscissors -- one of the most textbook ever turns the skin of his face to mush. Another flying headscissors/rib crusher as the thin guy screams in pain, Kaia pouring the power on her straight headscissors as Billie is blue as fuck. Her jaw clenches trying to maximize the suffering in the last hold, the true beauty and extreme sadist, Kaia Callous.
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