Mandy Marx starring in video (I Can Destroy You Easily With The Internet At My Fingertips) [FullHD 1080P]

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Description: I Can Destroy You Easily With The Internet At My FingertipsMandy Marx is far more than just an online domme. She is a real time dominatrix and an expert at online b-mail. And she doesn’t play games. If you want to play with her, it’s going to be real. And that’s why so many men run to her, she can give you b-mail like no one else. In this clip you will hear her toying with one of her b-mail victims. It’s SO fucking hot! You will be desperate for her to do this to you. You won’t be able to get it out of your head until you give in and send her an email with your information so she can do the same thing to you. Send it while you’re horny, send it before you cum, and then you won’t realize what you’ve done until it’s too late. If you’re tired of playing online b-mail games and are ready to take things to the next level, then this clip is for you.Do you have any idea how easy it is to find out everything about you? Once you sent me some info it was easy to take it from there. Linkedin is every dominatrix’s best resource, all I had to do was type in your information and there it was. And in order to confirm that it was in fact you, I just used facebook. Then I triangulated linkedin, facebook, your email and all the matching photos and it was so easy to find you. I appreciate you doing so much of the work for me by giving me your boss’s name but I can look over your entire work history now. I have all your boss’s names LOL!But facebook really was the kicker. It told me everything about you and your friends and your ****. Your interests, pictures, pretty much everything. I can even see where you’ve been. Honestly I could do this all fucking day but it only took me ten fucking minutes. And although I could out you just for being the kind of person who emails me, let’s raise the stakes. Look at this picture I have of you on my computer of you with your cock out. It matches the ones on facebook, doesn’t it?I see you work for a pretty big company. As I dig in and comb through all these things about you, I just want to know more. Why did you give me the information of your friends and ****? Is it the thrill of the people closest to you finding out? I wonder. I know you sought me out because you knew I could take this experience to another level. You know I play this game for real and you were tired of playing games, weren’t you? Yes, you want me to destroy you, and I will. It’s not that I really want to tell the people closest to you, I just want to tease you with it. I wanna scare you with it. And I’m going to constantly imply that I’m going to do something really bad with it.Why would I out you and ruin your life? If I truly demolished your life, though it might be fun, the thrill of the chase would be over. It would be a lot more fun to suspiciously send a friend request to a few people that you know through facebook. It took me about five minutes to find you, it will take me even less to find them. But I know you like danger because you sent me this email from your main professional email. You used your work email to contact a dominatrix. Now that’s dangerous. And you use the same photo for facebook and linkedin. This is such a rush isn’t it? Seeing me with all of your information in my hands. This is no longer a game is it? I have you in my grasp.But I think you’re still holding back. I don’t think you’ve told me everything yet. I want to know that deep dark secret, the one you’re still hiding. You know I’ll get it out of you. Maybe I’ll start by making suspicious phone calls to people on your list. And every time you’re with one of them and their phone rings you’re going to wonder if it’s me. Imagine that rush. Even if I look you in the eyes right now and promise I won’t ruin your life you are always going to wonder if it’s me on the other side of the phone. I’m deep in your head now and I’m just toying with you. I’m going to have your head spinning so much, your fantasy world and your real world are going to become intertwined. Are you enjoying being helpless? is your cock in your hand right now? Is it hard like it was in that photo? Are you stroking to the idea of me finding out everything I can about you through the internet? I know you are…
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