Mandy Marx starring in video (Please Mandy, Fuck Up My Life, Ruin Me For My Girlfriend) [FullHD 1080P]


Description: Let me just tell you, and you and you and you, everyone that bought this video. I’ve been doing this for many years and I’ve researched and found out all the legal limits and just how far I could push them because nothing gets me more excited than ruining lives. It’s not the torment that gets me, it’s seeing how lost you get in it.I know more than you think I do and I am better at this than you think I am. It’s like a flight of steps you’re trying to climb, every time you want a little more and a little more, getting higher and higher. You might think it’s about humiliation but I know what you don’t know. It’s an addiction, an addiction to that feeling, to that place that you go, wanting just a little bit more. You chase that high, getting a little bit closer every time, just one more detail, can I scare myself more. And then you start to need it. It’s an addiction.I’m going to ruin you to your girlfriend, for beginners lol. I know you live with your girlfriend and I also know that you’re deeply into femdom. And obviously your girlfriend doesn’t know anything about it. And all of this means you’re probably not any good in bed to her because you secretly jerkoff to humiliation porn. I’m going to make that worse because I know that you need humiliation to reach orgasm. I also know that you jerkoff before she comes home, hoping you won’t get caught. Or do you secretly want to?I’m going to addict you to this even further. I’m going to fuck you deeper and deeper. I know you’re jerking off right now. I also know that you talk to me about your fetishes and then I make videos about your fetishes and I use them against you. You like that don’t you? And I know that one of your fetishes is you think about sending your girlfriend’s phone number to me so I can text her whenever I want. I know you jerkoff to that thought. Imagine the rush of sending it to me and then not knowing if I’ve texted her.Home wrecking, blåckmail, there’s so many places we can go. It all depends where I want to take you. You really need to be careful that you’re leaving that information in the right hands. Someone you know who’s safe but could also really fuck up your entire life. So we could go mild where you send me her information and I make you a video using that information and scaring you with it. Or, we can go hard, where you send me an email with the information and you write, ‘Mandy, fuck up my life’. Which sounds more fun to you?I will use all of my tools to weave a web for you from which you cannot escape. You won’t know what’s going on or what’s real. I’ll have her information and while you spend your nights watching Netflix with your girlfriend what if you hear a text notification on her phone? You won’t know if it’s me or not but I guarantee your heart will start to race. You’ll try and act cool but inside you’ll be a wreck. And your cock will probably get hard. And as scared as you’ll be, you’re going to want more, and more and more. So give me some more. You need that rush.– Mandy Marx! –
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