When Wenona Screams - Wenona Slave [FullHD 1080P]

Categories: Extreme / New Porn

Description: Beautifully flexible Wenona is stretched to her limits once more in an incredibly uncomfortable rig back bent over a large wooden spool. Feenix increa ses her discomfort with clamps on her perky nipples and some electric shock and caning. Then he warms her up with the Hitachi positioned all the way inside her willing cunt and a mini vibe on her clit. He decides that she can handle a bit more and suspends the spool with chains while finishing her punishment with a long, loud orgasm from the magic wand while she hangs there helpless...When Feenix comes in, she is struggling rigged to a box with one leg up and her ripe pussy exposed for some fun. He ties her nipple clamp off to her toes and adds a heavy weight to the other nipple to start her off. Then he tickles her with a feather and canes and flogs her sensitive feet and pretty gash as she yelps in pain. He brings in the magic wand and lets her cum, and she thinks the session is over, but Feenix isn't done with her yet. He attached the Hitachi to her foot and leaves it on her already worn out pussy, making her writhe as he continues to cane and flog her some more. Once he decides he is through, he allows her one last screaming orgasm before walking away, leaving her alone in her pleasure..
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