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Description: Miss Kaitlyn left Her cuck slave bound to a stool and blindfold while She went on a fuck date. She walks back in from the date, having taken off Her shoes and. pulled up Her skirt to reveal Her turquoise panties, the crotch stained dark in the crotch, Her thighs glisten with the cum leaking form Her well-fucked pussy. She reaches down and wipes some of the sticky mess from Her thighs. She holds it up to the slave's nose:

"Hellooooo cucky, I hope you enjoyed being bound to the stool here while I was getting My perfect little pussy stretched out and filled with two loads from My date. Take a deep whiff of this now, cucky!"

The slave recoils once it recognizes the smell, crying in disgust, but She rubs the cum under its nose and then into its mouth. She scoops some more up with Her finger and when the slave tries to pull its head away, She slaps its face:

"OPEN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH! Now clean My fucking finger! You're gonna lick and suck up EVERY DROP of this man cum. You know why? Because you're not a man, you're a fucking bitch. I'm gonna make you My fucking cum dump"

She crams Her wet, cum-covered fingers into the slave's mouth, pushing them into its throat to ensure that every bit of residue is gone. She keeps doing this but quickly gets impatient with the slave's sputtering and whining and orders it to lay on the floor.

She inserts an open-mouth gag into the slave's mouth and takes off Her cum-soaked panties. She leans down over the slave's open mouth and starts wringing the cum into its pried-wide-open mouth:

"Stick your fucking tongue out! You're such a lucky cucky! Mmmmmm, get every drop, cuck slave"

She stands on the slave's chest, making it groan in pain and crams the panties into its mouth. She finally sits on its stomach and moves the panties around inside its mouth. She finally takes the gag and panties out, wrapping the panties around the slave's head. More cum starts leaking out of Her exposed pussy, so She jumps up over the slave's face and starts scooping out handfuls of the gloppy mess running down Her legs:

"Keep that fucking mouth open! Mmmmmmmhhhh, slurp it up! Slurp, slurp, slurp cucky!"

She keeps scooping up the cum and wiping onto the slave's tongue, making it suck Her fingers clean every time She scoops out more of the mess. She stands up, grabs some clothespins and starts affixing them to the slave's cock and balls, making the slave screech in pain each time She fastens another clamp on its most sensitive parts:

"I only took your cock out of chastity to torment it, slave. Your cock doesn't deserve any pleasure, only pain, but you willl be pleasing lots of cocks, starting with mine"

She takes a big pink dildo and starts teasing Her opening with it, then plunges it into Her wet pussy, banging Herself with it deep to retrieve more cum. She pulls the cum-coated cock out and starts cramming it down the slave's throat, making it deep throat it unit it gags. She takes the cock out and starts cock-whipping the slave's face with it:

"Don't you DARE gag on MY cock, bitch. Now open your fucking whore mouth!"

She dips the cock back in Her pussy to get more cum then plunges it into the slave's mouth, fucking it while ignoring its gagging. She takes out a tied-off used condom from Her purse, that is about 1/3 filled with thick white cum:

"This is from last week, I found under My bed, slave. My pussy is getting a little dry now, but My little cum dump is still thirsty!"

She sits on the slave's chest and unties the condom. The slave tries to turn its face away from the disgusting mess, causing Her to brutally slap the slave's face, making it cry in pain. That's all She needs, and starts pouring the full, nasty contents into the slave's mouth, making sure to capture any stray drips with Her finger and wipe them on the slave's outstretched tongue. She finally puts the used condom in the slave's mouth:

"Chew it like fucking bubble gum, slave. Cum is your new favorite flavor"

She finally retrieves the empty condom out and drapes it over the slave's face. She stands up and starts wiping up stray cum drops with Her perfect foot and sticking it into the slave's mouth:

"Suck it all off cucky, or I'll whip those clothespins off your pathetic birth defect. Now open that cum dump WIDER"

She shoves the foot down the slave's throat, making it gag, but She ignores it and keeps pushing. She switches feet, scoops more cum up and crams the other one down its throat. She whips the slave's body while it finishes cleaning Her foot, then gives it three final strokes of the flogger, then tosses it, the riding crop and dildo onto the slave's face with the nasty used panties and condom and walks off, laughing at the pathetic, cum-covered and brutalized slave.
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