5 Shades of DeGrey: The Fifth Shade - Part Two [HD 720P]

Categories: Extreme / New Porn

Description: Rain DeGrey's thoughts of bondage and discipline have moved off the pages of the book she was reading, invaded her dreams, and now they have come to life. She isn't in control anymore. She hasn't been for a long time. This is the culmination of a full night of tossing, turning, and quietly touching herself in the darkness. The faceless men are interrogating her now. They ask her a barrage of questions about herself, then about trivia, and every time her answer is wrong they pump thousands of volts through her poor pussy. The metal implement in her snatch is cold as hell, but not nearly enough to numb her to the pain. She's crying her eyes out. Sometimes she begins bawling before she's even gotten the answer out, knowing that she hasn't got a clue what it is they want to hear from her. Rain's almost grateful when they move her from the chair to the cross. A crucifixion isn't easy, though, and while we're not going to nail her up there, she may soon be asking to go back to the questioning. Cherry Torn and company are brutal when it comes to hurting Rain. Weighted nipple clamps, intense caning and more, this will be so much worse than a few unpleasant shocks.
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