Marias - extreme ass ruination  [FullHD 1080P]

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Description: Our outrageous anal 'Queen Maria' returns in her most extreme movie yet! Having her loose ass double punch fisted by her new boyfriends giant hands to the forearms! This is without a doubt the craziest ass stretching movie we've ever seen from the masochistic Latina, which is sure to please her many avid fans and definitely impress even the most hardcore anal enthusiasts! She has a new partner, with hands much bigger than her last, and most women would probably struggle being fisted with just one of them! But not Maria! The insatiable anal whore devours them both completely, in a breathtaking performance we just couldn't believe! See her begin bent over on all fours with her peachy butt directly facing the camera. He begins fisting and fucking her greedy hole with one hand and his huge cock, jerking himself off inside her ass, as she pants and groans in euphoria. Her butt hole's now totally gaped and wrecked, but he's only just begun. He promised to give her the most extreme ass destruction she's ever had, and that's exactly what she receives. He pushes both his giant fists past the wrist in her cavernous hole. The penetration is fast, deep thrusts twisting in and out, then pulling her anal ring apart with both hands, as Maria pushes out the most enormous prolapse of her rectum we've ever fucking seen! It's unbelievably huge, and he carries on double fisting it relentlessly in multiple positions, till she almost passes out from several explosive orgasms that just cannot be missed!
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