Trisha Parks - Financial Advisor [SD 480P]

Categories: Fetish / New Porn

Description: Trish is a financial advisor meeting with some clients. But things turn ugly with there motives become nefarious as they get revenge for their father, who was screwed over by this woman bad advise.
She is drugged.
They molest her, then take her to the bedroom where she is tied spread eagle on the bed.
They torment her–both sexually and with a taser. They take their time with her—savoring the moment. Revenge is ever so sweet!
Her clothing is removed and they rape her using toys and eventually forcing her to give them oral.
They fuck her all ways until they are satisfied and leave her weak and begging to be let go. But they keep her busy with another round of forced oral.
In the end, they violently strangle her to death–leaving her lifeless husk sprawled on the bed.
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