Sumire Matsu - Sumire Plays Some Naked Office Games [FullHD 1080P]


Description: Sumire Matsu is the new office lady and the other office workers do not seem to be getting along with her. She is a little bit nasty and lazy. She is very sexy and hot and since she is so hot the boss has been fucking her on the side. She thinks she can do whatever she likes as the boss puts his cock in her mouth and that gives her the power to just do as she pleases. This has been her plan and it has worked well for her but something is about to change in her life. It seems that the boss is being fired and now the power in the office is shifting and she is not going to have any. The other office workers devise a plan to get back at her for all the nastiness she has displayed to all of them. It is time to get her to come out with them and have a little office party. But this party will be a little different as they are going to be playing some sexy games with her. The first game they play is called, office girl gets groped and felt up until she her pussy gets so wet. The next game is called, pull the panties off and finger the pussy until she comes hard. All the office staff love these games and since Sumire is the new office girl, this is her first time playing. She is going to love it!
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