Sara Saijo - Sara Comes To An Old Friends House [FullHD 1080P]


Description: Sara Saijo is an old friend from the old days when they were just young and always plauyed together. Sara had come over today to chat and see her old friend and get reacquainted as it had been so long since they had seen each other. They were having a nice time chatting and talking about the old days. Then they decided that it would be nice since they are now older and mature that they get together sexually and fuck all afternoon. This led to one hot fuckfest where they both had a nice time getting off. Sara had his cock in her mouth and was sucking away and he went down on her and licked and sucked on her pussy. It was a nice time for them to now be friends after all these years. What also happened was Sara was so drowsy after a whole afternoon of fucking. She was enjoying her time in bed resting when her friend came to find her. He was still horny and had her top up and her tits out in no time and then he reached down and slid his hand into her panties so he could have a nice play with her wet pussy. He sucked her nipples and rubbed her pussy and she just lay back and enjoyed the attention she was getting from her old friend. He was not hungry for more so slipped off her panties and spread her legs and dove deep into her pussy with his fingers. She was so wet he could slide several fingers deep inside her. Sara moaned so loudly that he thought she was going to wake his grandfather that had just returned home. What a nice afternoon these two spent together.
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