Mai Takizawa - Sucks Off Her Boss In The Office Today [FullHD 1080P]


Description: Mai Takizawa is the new office lady. Her boss is so happy he hired her as she brighten up his day when she is in the office. He gets hard just watching her make copies or get coffee for him. She gets horny too being so close to him every day in an office setting. She thinks about all the fucking she wants to do with him but can not as the other office workers are there. She loves to suck her boss cock and she can not wait to be alone so she can pull his dick out of his underwear and suck and lick it and touch it. Her boss is always so happy to get her alone as she is a bit of a cock monster and she can not keep it out of her mouth. She sucks and sucks and tries to fit as much of it as she can inside her cute little mouth. Today is a day she just wants to suck cock. She gets so excited with him in her mouth and she loves how hard he gets when she is on her knees in front of him talking about his hard cock. Her pussy gets wet and her panties get soaked with all her pussy juice as she sucks on his cock. They are so busy today, Mai with his cock in her mouth and her boss with laying back with his eyes closed enjoying her hot mouth that they do not see that an employee as opened the door and is spying on them as they engage in this sexual behaviour in the office. The other employees in the office knew there was something going on with Mai and the boss and now one of them has had the good fortune to spy on them and see that indeed they enjoy some office sex when everyone is out to lunch.
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