Princess Amber starring in video (Amber)s Pet Pummeled by Pumps) of (The Mean Girls) studio [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Categories: Femdom / New Porn

Description: What are slaves for? Anything I say they are for, of course… DUH! So while I was relaxing at the Manor I grabbed this thing out of the cage and brought it over to be My foot stool while I planned out My day and posted to My social media. But footstools at the Manor aren’t just footstools, they are things to use for whatever crosses My mind at the time, like scratching an itch on My foot, or having something stupid to kick in the balls everytime My auto-correct inserts the wrong word, you get the idea.Slaves are things, property, disposable, and not usually worth the effort We put into training them. Look at this pathetic thing, just kneeling on all fours as I use it and don’t even much acknowledge it is there. (Well except to laugh at it as I kick it and it whimpers in pain… LOL) But that is the joy of being a Mean Girl, these losers come from everywhere and accept their place as inferior things to be used as We see fit, and I saw fit to have a footstool that I could kick, degrade, and as I started My day.After I wrapped up My posting and texts to people who actually matter in My life, not like this disgusting thing, I left the loser a perfect little treat, the pumps I just pummeled its worthless peanuts with so it could sniff, lick, and enjoy cleaning the taste of its balls off My heels before I got home again later that day and made its life even worse… hahahaha….<3 Princess Amber <3
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