Sharon White - Be careful with gym equipment or you'll get stuck! [FullHD 1080P]


Description: Sharon White was in great shape because she followed a strict fitness regime. She worked out tirelessly at the local gym and, sometimes, found herself all alone after losing track of time! Thats exactly what happened on that day. Sharon White already finished her last rep when she realized that she couldnt move her leg. That pesky piece of gym equipment clasped her leg in a viselike grip, unwilling to let such a hottie escape. She was exhausted so all the escape attempts were in vain., Hey, somebody help me please! she shouted into the dark. A fitness instructor emerged to answer her call. He sized up the woman before leaning in and trying to set her free, but his lips unexpectedly landed square on her crotch. Her musky aroma sent him into the state of sexual frenzy he NEEDED to bang that helpless hole!
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