Rebecca Volpetti - Don't rummage through the fridge or you'll get stuck! [HD 1012P]


Description: It was pitch-black outside, but Rebecca Volpetti couldnt sleep. She was fixated on the delicious ice-cream that was waiting for her in the fridge. She quietly jumped from her bed and tiptoed her way to the kitchen. We see her opening the fridge to reach for the coveted tub when suddenly her hand gets stuck in a narrow opening between other groceries. Yeah, Rebecca herself cant believe it either she repeatedly tries to release herself, but fails every time! Her hand is stuck big time, so she finds herself half-naked and completely helpless, screaming in the middle of the kitchen, Hey, could somebody please help me? Her husband rushed to her aide, but after seeing a booty THAT firm and succulent, he realized that he cant rescue her just yet He needs to fuck her first!
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