Piikara Blood - Everything and the kitchen sink!!! 1000 bucks for leaving his girlfriend bang another dude NEW!!! 8-02-2021 [HD 720P]


Description: For today's Selling My Girlfriend our test subjects will be Piikara and Hache. This young couple called us some time ago to make their debut with us, and already then they said that they were anything but swingers, altought Piikara specified that if it was for her they would be doing it all the time, but her dear Hache was pretty jealous. But of course, the power of the PornBucks is great, and if you add that to the fact that (we are pretty sure about it) Piikara must've been telling Hache about it again and again and again and making efforts to convince him little by little... Well, we come to today, with Hache sure about selling his girlfriend. Excuse us, have we said 'sure'? Not a chance, since he's having second toughts about it until the last moment, and he doesn't agrees until we start adding: 500€, 800€, UP TO THE 1000€ that he ends up asking for to leave us fuck her. You're going to bankrupt us, fella! But that's 'cause we know Piikara deserve it: an AMAZING BODY the like we haven't seen in a while around here, A PAIR OF GREAT NATURAL TITS and a DIZZYING BOOTY... So we finally give Hache what he wants and make out stud come out, Bangkok, that goes straight to getting Piikara naked while Piikara goes straight to the bull's cock. She didn't lie to us when she said that she was into swinging! They do everything under the very eyes of Hache, who, despite his suffering with each and every of Bangkok's shafting inside her girlfriend's pussy, doesn't miss a thing of the fuck. Buddies, this Selling My girlfriend was worth the investment!
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