Domina Scarlet starring in video (Caning The Masochist) [HD 810P]

Categories: Femdom / Fetish / New Porn

Description: This slave is a masochist and a leather fetishist and I love when I play with him. He takes all the pain and suffering to please me and hardly makes a sound. I could cane him all day and he would never ask me to stop. His one desire is to satisfy his Mistress dressed head to toe in leather.I strap him face down to the bench in my dungeon and take my smoked dragon cane and bring it down on his bottom until the marks start to form. I change sides to get the stripes even, stopping only to clean the mess. He continues to suffer in silence for me.I give him 100 strokes in total on his sore, red, striped bottom. The perfect Masochist slave for a Sadistic Leather Mistress
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