Goddess Alexa Divina starring in video (The Anal Control Program) [FullHD 1080P]

Categories: Femdom / Anal / Strapon / New Porn

Description: He was found alone and brought to me for testing. I have my own ways of testing men that aren’t yet approved of. I tease his caged dick with my beautiful body and tease his ass hole with my wet fingers making the males leg quiver. I wanted to know if the male was excited at my fingers grazing against his ass hole or was it anticipation for how far these tests will go. I pull out my first tool to experiment on the male. The male moans from underneath his mask as I slowly insert the shaft into his lubed up ass hole, slowly fucking his ass. It’s obvious I’m making it’s caged dick want to come out of chastity. He moans more unaware of the next experiments I’m about to do to him. I unlock his chastity and grip his dick with one hand and tease his ass with my huge cock. I know I’m going to get what I want out of him. I begin fucking him with this enormous cock while jerking his little dick in my hand, making him moan louder. I wanted to go deeper in his ass so I made him grab his dick and stroke faster and faster while I fucked his ass even deeper. Fast and slow, fast and slow he couldn’t take it much more before cumming. He wants to cum So bad…. but I’m not done with him yet
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