Ebony Mystique - Stuck In The Booty With You [SD 400P]


Description: Ebony Mystique is a voluptuous cream dream with her big round tits and ass to match. For some reason, her husband is not paying enough attention to her. Tonight, hes invited their pervy neighbor Steve Holmes over for dinner. Unimpressed, Ebony acts out in front of Steve and gives him a little show of her big round booty. It doesnt take more than a hint for Steve to spring into action, putting his fingers right up Ebonys glorious tight asshole. Its so tight, it gets stuck! A little oil will do the trick. Finally free, Ebony gets so excited she anally squirts oil everywhere! The ol husband finds out just how slippery they are when he slips and falls and they slip out and fuck. Ebony sucks Steves giant cock and takes it deep down her throat, rubs it between her tits and then deep in her ass. She has a screaming good time as Steve fucks her right. Steve cums all over Ebonys face and she laps it up. What good neighbors!
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