Goddess Storm starring in video (A CRUEL AND SADISTIC LANDLORD) of (DomNation) studio [SD 480P]

Categories: Extreme / Femdom / New Porn

Description: Goddess Storm not only manages her slaves, she also manages an apartment complex. She has recently had some problems with a particular male tenant who never seems to have his rent. For the last several months it’s been like a cat and mouse game trying to get the rent from this thoughtless fool.If her tenant insists on such games, well hen, why not entertain him. Storm can play a delicious and sadistic game of cat and mouse with him. Here mousy mousy! Her prey you shall be, you little mouse of a man. How does it feel to be so close to someone as beautiful as Goddess Storm? To be wrapped tightly by the very legs that you dream of devouring, as they tighten around your neck and steal away the oxygen from your brain.Goddess Storm mercilessly deprives her captive of air until he agrees to submit and play the game of her choosing. A game of JOI, masturbation, and orgasm control. She informs him that he has 5 minutes to ejaculate for her. If he should succeed, he won’t have to pay his rent. But Goddess knows full well that this impotent loser will fail miserably. And when he does, he will owe THREE TIMES his normal rent AND begin a new life of slavery to Goddess Storm.
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