Scarlett Sage, Scarlit Scandal - Written In The Stars Pt. 3 [SD 480P]

Categories: New Porn

Description: Veronica Kenna James sees her lover, Jezebel Scarlit Scandal sitting on her wife's living room sofa. Who are you and who the fuck let you in my house? Jezebel tries to get her to relax, that she knows exactly what she's doing? Veronica wanted to scream, to tell her to get out. What in the hell is she trying to do? Is she trying to break her marriage up? Before she could open her mouth, her wife Melissa Scarlett Sage comes around the corner surprised and appalled by how rude Veronica is behaving. I'm so sorry, Melissa apologizes to Jezebel, I forgot to tell her you were coming today. Melissa introduced Jezebel, from the foundation, to Veronica, and Veronica smirks, nice to meet you, she says coolly. She walks out the door.
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