Goddess Airen starring in video (My Sweat, your tongue) of (Club Stiletto) studio [FullHD 1080P]

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Description: Goddess Airen has been working out, mainly trampling and jumping on her slave, and she realizes she is really starting to sweat. Her slave lays battered on the floor and she tells him to sit up, she needs her body licked. As he leans up against the wall she brings her armpit to his face and he licks up and down the arm getting all the sweat. “All the way from the bottom to the top” she tells him. She tells him that anything that comes from her is a treat and this is his reward for being such a good gym mat. Airen lifts her other arm so you can see the sweat on it before she turns to have that one licked too. “You’re a lucky boy being so close to me” she tells him. The slave eagerly licks.Airen then decides that her sweaty feet deserve the same treatment. She has him remove her shoe and she sticks her sock covered foot in his face. “I’ve been wearing these every day this week” she tells him. What a lovely treat for the slave. She makes him sniff deep and even lick her socks before finally telling him to remove them. Now it’s time for him to lick her feet. The soles, the toes, every inch of them. She then tells him to lay on his back again and now she stuffs her toes into his mouth. “If you do a good job I’ll let you rest with my sock tonight” she tells the slave and you can see a little extra effort as a result of this opportunity. She does spoil him at times. The slave struggles with all her directions to remove the shoes, the socks, when to suck and lick and she says “You know I like my slaves stupid but this is fucking ridiculous.” No Sock For You! After a fair bit of verbal mistreatment Airen decides she is somewhat satisfied with his efforts and might just keep him after all. She looks at you and says “Unless you think you can do a better job?”
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