Melanie Hicks - The Melanie Hicks Family Album [FullHD 1080P]

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Description: Melanie finds herself in dire !! She and hubby have an evening of wild sex planned...and to enhance the evening's festivities...Melanie has taken some Female Viagra. As she lies in bed...naked...waiting for hubby to arrive....she gets a bad news phone call. Hubby is stuck working late...working all night!! Melanie is horny as fuck....doped up on the pink pill....and nobody to fuck!! That is....until her Stepson Conor arrives!! Melanie explains her situation to the teenage boy...and asks for his assistance in alleviating her predicament. Before Conor can even comprehend what is being asked of him...Melanie jumps at him, and rips his pants off...and starts sucking his cock!!! Melanie is totally wild and out of control as she devours the teen boy's cock. Melanie begs Conor to fuck her hard....and....she gets what she asked for!!! Conor pumps his hot Stepmom hard....while she gets out all of her sexual frustration!! Conor deposits his teenage sperm into his eagerly waiting Stepmom's mouth. Melanie licks her lips...and thanks the youngster for his service!
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