Goddess Allexandra starring in video (Helpless Gooning Ass Addict, There Is No Escape) [FullHD 1080P]

Categories: POV / Femdom / New Porn

Description: You find yourself back here again. You can’t resist. Your cock always betrays you. It’s an addiction. And as much as you try to run away, you always come crawling back, back to me. Ready to stroke your dick all over again. On your hands and knees ready to worship, ready to give me everything because this is everything to you. This is your life. It doesn’t get any better than this for you. You choose to spend your life locked away, spending your hard earned cash on hot brats like me, who you’d never have a chance with.And you know that I only want you for one thing, and that’s what attracts you to me, to women who don’t give a fuck about you. You see I’m more than happy to use your addictions against you. I love using you and you think that’s so hot. And you are so desperate for my attention that you can’t help yourself. You allow this to happen to you. You want this. You need this. I do things to you, I make you so fucking horny. And you can’t say no to me.And there’s nothing you would rather do. You’re so willing to live your life locked away in your bedroom, stroking to me night after night, devoting yourself to me. You want me to feed your addiction. My face, my eyes, and my voice, you can’t ignore them, they speak to you. And already you’re falling deep down the rabbit hole. There is no escape for losers like you. You are a weak little addict. And now I’m going to make you stroke for my ass, you’re going to stare at it, you’re going to obsess over it while you stroke your cock and allow yourself to become addicted to my ass.You fall so easily to my words, you want to stroke, you want to give in. You want to be a good boy. It really is that simple. You are that simple. You will binge for me and add to your collection because that’s what your cock tells you to do. Stare at my ass. Binge on my ass. It does things to you, doesn’t it? You keep looking at it. You can’t look away. You sink down into a desperate spiral, never being able to escape. There is no escape, this is your escape.You can’t move, your brain is mush, you can’t resist, your cock will betray you every single time. And this is only the beginning. You’re gonna go so deep down the rabbit hole, so addicted to my ass. Stroke faster for my ass, fall deeper. This is the start of your addiction. Stroke for me. Stroke for my ass. Pump your cock and lose your mind for my ass. Feel the addiction take hold. And when you cum for my ass my programming will fully take over, you will be so helpless. Helpless against my ass.
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