Lost In The Scents Of My Sweaty Feet [FullHD 1080P]

Categories: Fetish / New Porn

Description: My well-worn trainers have been on My feet for hundreds of workout sessions. My boy's nose can definitely feel all the deep aromas from My sweaty sneakers, socks, and feet. Shoving his face right into My shoes is just the start of this aromatic adventure. he will worship My drenched cotton socks and remove them off My feet using only his lips. With his mouth full of My soaked socks, his nose is the only way he can ingest the perspiration off My bare soles. The aromas are so strong that he is becoming lost in the intoxicating scents of My pungent sweat. But that is just the beginning, what I actually want to get to is have My feet cleaned and worshiped by his tongue. My boy knows his place, unconditionally under My feet.
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