Amber - Breathless Pantyhose Full Weight Smother [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Categories: Femdom / Fetish / New Porn

Description: In this video, I completely dominate this beta male with my pantyhose covered ass. I have no real reason to use this losers face as a seat for my perfect ass other than because I can. Hot girls get to do whatever they want, and If I wanna use your face as a chair then I will. I just so happen to be wearing colored pantyhose, which makes this loser EXTRA weak for me. I find it amusing to just rub my ass and legs all over his face, barely even speaking to him. The few times that I bother letting this beta hear my voice is just to rub it in even more! I rock back and forth, snapping my pantyhose for him to hear, all the while taking his breath away with my perfect ass. The longer I sit on the beta’s face, more turned on with power I get. I treat him like FURNITURE! That’s how little I think of him…. Not even worried about his ability to “breath” lol. You can tell how badly he struggles with keeping his face berried so deep in my ass. I playfully rub my stocking covered feet on his arms while smothering him. His need to breath may not be as strong as his need to PLEASE ME! Hahahaha
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