Miss Suzanna Maxwell - Punishing The Pantie Pervert [FullHD 1080P]


Description: Little turnip has been sent to the cabin to pay for his crimes at the Manor. I'm wearing a velvet voice, pvc skirt and sling back heels for this punishment but I don't think even this delectable view can distract willie from the upcoming beaten he has earned. I think My boys forget everywhere is fitted with CCTV so I can watch everything they get up to. Willie has been caught enjoying himself in My pantie drawer and numerous pair of My private collection have seemingly disappeared. He is placed on My interrogation chair and politely asked about the missing lingerie ... Denying all knowledge I make him stand and unbuckle his pants. The little pervert is only wearing a red silky thong that belongs to Me and stuffed in his belonging I have discovered 4 other panties varying in textures and colours. He has quite the obsession an I'm sure there are more hidden elsewhere ... I will find them. Strike his thighs with a cold cane and he shrieks immediately, I tell him of My discovery and his cheeks flush a dark red. I produce My stolen panties and drape them over his smug little face ... The last thing he will enjoy before I really teach him a lesson. I cover his upper thighs in stripes, the welts and bruises forming instantly as they were given with such brutality. Willies legs won't stop shakings I press him divulge where the rest of his collection his hidden, he assures Me there aren't any more ... I don't believe him so I pull out My tawse. I want to catch his welts at the perfect point so the pain shoots through his legs and into his entire body ... After three he gives up another pair ... I could do this all day!!!
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