Amber And Nika - Trample Extremely Fat And Stupid Slave [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Categories: Fetish / New Porn

Description: Their slave is never really useful because he is fat and ugly and can barely breathe. So, using him as entertainment is basically their only option for this fat piece of trash. Working out on him seems pretty fun. They can run on him and do squats on him. And maybe even try some yoga. But who the fuck would want to touch him? Not us. Ew, having to hear his stupid whiny voice and out of breathe moans was disgusting. I was filming this and laughing but then gagging because I can’t stand to see the sight of him. So, I guess that’s what he deserves. To be laying on the floor and stepped on repeatedly. I laughed so hard when the girls made him “oink” like a pig. It might look like its cruel but they just really wanted to squish his fat stomach in and make it flat.
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