April Olsen & Lucy Hart - Hole In One [FullHD 1080P]

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Description: Lucy Hart is relaxing at home when her girlfriend, April Olsen, cheerfully bounds in wearing golf attire and carrying a bag of clubs. Lucy is surprised but appreciates the look, and it's revealed that April was invited to go golfing with the executives of her company that afternoon. Since April wants to make a good impression, she decided to get all decked out in flattering golf wear for the occasion.

Lucy is supportive but still a bit skeptical since she knows April doesn't have that much golfing experience. Although Lucy's no pro herself, she has some experience, so she happily gets straight to giving April some tips. Of course, this leads to charged moments as Lucy slides behind April to show her how to swing a club, their forms nestled close together.

Naturally, the intimacy of the golfing lesson causes them both to become more than a little aroused. April playfully teases Lucy about 'feeling her club' against her backside and Lucy is cheekily unapologetic. After all, how could Lucy NOT react to being so close to her hot girlfriend like this??

That's when they decide to take a little break and have a very different kind of lesson!
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