Nightmare In The Park [HD 720P]

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Description: My day started out like any ordinary day getting up and going to work. I had watched the news that morning and seen that it was going to be beautiful out. I went on to work and day dreamed about going to the beech and enjoying myself.

It was lunch time and thought I would go to the park and take a walk hoping it would make me feel better. It was so nice there. Other then the maintenance man there was no one around. Just a piece full walk in the park. When I got back to my car is when my nightmare began.

The car would not start and I was in trouble I looked to see what might be wrong and couldn't find anything. I tried to call a mechanic friend of mine with no help. So I thought maybe the lawn guy might be able to help. When I went to ask him is when he grabbed me. I was so scared that I went XXXX from fear. When I a woke I was disoriented. After a few seconds I realized I was in the truck of my car. God was I scared. It was so hot that it made me go XXXX again. The next time I a woke I was being carried into a strange house and stuffed into a closet for the night.

The next morning the man came and got me. He dragged me in the living room and was talking about making a delivery but wanted to have fun with me first. Come to find out the maintenance man was a Sex slave smuggler. He nabbed women for an over seas sex trade operation and I was the delivery. He tied me up several times in the living room telling me I had better get use to it because where you are going the guys will do much worse this. After a while of that it was time for him to delivery me. He picked me up and put me back in my trunk and that was the last thing I remember. What started out to be a beautiful day became my worst nightmare.
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