Stevie And Skylar Rose Strapped, Paddled, And Bruised Pt2 [FullHD 1080P]

Categories: Extreme / New Porn

Description: Wearing Out Two Naughty Bottoms- Stevie And Skylar Rose Strapped, Paddled, And Bruised Pt2
Stevie is next over his knee, in a silk sleep shirt and skimpy white thong panties. His hand spanks her full round cheeks hard and relentless. She protests as he picks up they heavy wooden paddle. The splat of wood on flesh forces pathetic cries has his stern rhythm intensifies. She can't help but to kick and try and escape the terrible pain. Scolding her for defiance as he removes her panties and picks up a very thick paddle to teach her a lesson. A full swing followed by a thud, Stevie cries freely as she is soundly spanked. Stevie remains bent over the bed as he stands up to use blistering frat paddle on her poor bottom. Skyler takes her place next to Stevie. The girls have their bare bottoms blistered side-by-side as they count the swats and promise not to fight. Afterwards, they are left kneeling on the bed, bare spanked bottoms on display, to think about their behavior.
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