Description: You get, what you deserve! The divine Miss Cheyenne is back after a three month break from playing and has ordered two of her lust slaves to be punished. The horny stallion, with his beautiful, big and always stiff cock, as well as her small, fat pig, with his crooked mini cock. The stallion was packed in a latex straitjacket by the beautiful Miss Cheyenne and fixed on a testicle pillory. Prepared his nipples with power pads so that he is under high voltage the whole time and can hardly wait for the noble mistress to touch his good piece. The pig, on the other hand, is naked, its hands pulled up by a chain. A spreader bar. between the legs. Both slaves face each other, but which one of your desires does Miss Cheyenne satisfy first? Miss Cheyenne starts her warm-up with a few hard kicks in the little pig's balls. After all, the pig cannot be used for anything else, as a punching ball. The screams of the fat pig arouse the mistress so much that she kicks harder and harder. When the pig begs for mercy, she gives him a little break and turns to her horny stallion. Miss Cheyenne's ballbusting rush is in full swing. Over and over again the noble mistress steps into the pigs' balls with her beautiful leather boots. Small ugly dicks should be beaten, kicked and mistreated! The pig moans and screams in pain, because the sadistic mistress kicks with all her strength. EXTREME BALLBUSTING! Miss Cheyenne motivates the sow with her piss pants, which she stuffs in his mouth so that it is willing to endure even more for the mistress. In the small breaks, the master takes care of their other lust slave. The stallion can now serve as a boot jack and clean the mistress's beautiful leather boots from dirt and lard. After the tough BALLBUSTING humilation, the MERCILESS MISTRESS, puts out her cigarette on the pig-mini-cock, now she has had enough of the disgusting piggy. Now the divine Miss Cheyenne takes care of the slave's ass, which should also be treated extensively. To do this, she takes a hard stick, which leaves heavy marks after the first blow. The mistress takes the mask off the sow, IT is very pale and can no longer stand on its feet. "Lie on the floor you pig" The pig goes to the floor and Miss Cheyenne stands on him with all her weight and triumphs. It is spat at and much more. But it is not over yet because the mistress has huge urges on caning. A mean BASTONADE follows, which makes the pig moan, grunt and tremble. Miss Cheyenne enjoys this punishment very much. She keeps getting horny on her horny rubber stallion and then continues the pig punishment. But even a pig has to put you away from time to time, and the mistress brings in her beloved Rosi. The deep love for the vacuum cleaner can now be enjoyed to the full. While the pig is fucking his Rosi, the stallion's horny cock is being waxed with relish. This is then allowed to empty into the hand of the mistress. The pig has to swallow the hot cream of course.
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