Blake Blossom - The Unpacking [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

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Description: Blake Blossom has been waiting for a package all week. She is very excited when the delivery guy drops off her box. Tearing it open, she is disappointed when she realizes this is not what she ordered. Instead, it is some very sexy underwear. This isnt the sort of thing she would ever wear, even for her boyfriend. Still, she is intrigued and decides to put it on to see how it looks on her. It feels strange, but also kind of sexy. The doorbell rings again and the delivery guy tells her that he made a mistake and needs the other package back. She is embarrassed and tells him that she has to take the underwear off first. There is something in the way he looks at her that makes her melt. She slowly takes it off and lets his hands explore her body. He is older and she doesnt even know his name, but she is overcome as he puts her mouth between her legs and eats her pussy. She has never cheated before, but she cant wait to get her mouth around his cock. It is big and hard and makes her feel things she has never felt before. He bends her over the counter and enters her from behind. Being bad feels so much better than she could have expected. She doesnt care that they might get caught, her body is responding to his thrusts. He wants to cum on her face. She never lets her boyfriend do that, but it only feels right to let this stranger shoot his load on her slutty little face. He gives her a very special delivery and Blake loves every drop.
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